Kominatos Bakery

We love bakeries as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been helping them
fill tables since 1939. Welcome to our bakery!


Europia and Dimitris Kominatos in 1939 with a lot of love for their work put the foundation of today’s Kominatos Bakery at Nydri Lefkada.

Efthimios their son, as he was raising inside the flour and the wheat started to have a big dream …


If a picture says a thousand words, then you can imagine how long it would take
to describe all our mouthwatering selections.

What we offer

We provide the best products at Nydri Lefkada. Wide variety of products with fresh and pure materials.


We create every day a wide variety of homemade bread.


A wide variety of cakes from our patisserie.


Pizza, Calzone from pure and fresh materials


Taste our homemade ice creams. We use fresh milk.

Different types of bread products

You will find them only the best products in our stores

Hotel Partners

They trust us over the last 15 years